July 16, 2020

NVSC is pleased to announce that our Fall 2020 Recreational Program is OPEN for registration.  It has been awhile since we have been on the field and our staff has been working to get ready for the upcoming season.  The registration window is short since we are starting later in the summer than we usually do - but it’s exciting to look forward to returning to the field.  Our coaches’ meeting is being planned for the last week of August, and the team/roster information will be provided at that time. Recreational practices will start September 1st; Games start September 12th.  The final game weekend is November 7th . For this coming season, we will be offering our volunteer head coaches a $15 refund for volunteering.  The offer is for the head coach of each team and is contingent upon successful completion of the Background Check and the Youth Sports Abuse Training module. The refund will be posted after the first week of games.

We understand that the COVID-19 is very fluid and the concerns associated with getting back on the field.  If there is a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus, causing Prince William County fields to be closed, and our permits to be pulled back, NVSC will provide refunds based on the dates provided below.

July 1 – August 31st

If the season is canceled during this period, a full refund less the credit card service fee of $5 will be provided.

September 1st  - September 11th 

As of September 1st, we will have incurred costs toward the fall season.  Therefore, if the season is canceled during this period, a full refund less a $35 administrative fee + credit card service fee of $5 will be provided.

September 12th  – October 3rd

Our first game is the weekend of September 12th.  By this point, NVSC will have obligated over half of the registration fees to pay for field use, County fees, and VYSA player registration/insurance fees in addition to general monthly operations costs.  If the season is canceled during this time, a 50% refund will be provided less the credit card service fee of $5.

October 4th  and beyond

By October 4th, the season will be half completed and if we have not been canceled due to COVID-19 by October 4th, no refunds or credits will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the NVSC Recreational Registrar, registrar@novasc.org



2020 Fall Recreational Registration

Age Groups

U4 - U6

U7 - U12

U13 - U19 SFL

Birth Years

2017 - 2015

2014 - 2009

2008 - 2002


U04 - U06  recreational soccer goals are to provide an introductory foundation of skills and foster growth in basic physical ability, agility, balance, and coordination.

U07 - U12 recreational soccer program is devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on high level competition.

SFL The Suburban Friendship League (SFL) is expected to provide a competitive recreational youth soccer environment where decisions are based first and foremost for the “GOOD OF THE PLAYERS” in all actions taken. It is designed to coordinate games amongst the various recreational/house teams to compete with similar teams from other clubs.

Registration Dates

Regular: July 1st, 2020 - July 26th, 2020


Late Registration (+25.00 per player): July 27th, 2020 through Sept 30th, 2020

Fee by age groups

U04-U06 $115.00

U07-U08 $120.00

U09-U12 $125.00

*U13-U19 $135.00

*SFL League Fee of $15.00 Included

Uniform Costs

Included in fee


All rising U07 players are required to buy a new uniform.


All rising U13 players are required to order a new uniform as jersey numbers are mandatory and have to be assigned based on the numbers already present on each team.

Youth Recreational Program (U4 - U19)

The NVSC Recreational Program consists of co-ed, boys and girls youth leagues which are organized by age group. These leagues are open to all players wanting to participate on a recreational team.

The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the players to have fun, develop soccer skills, and foster a lifelong love of the game.

The soccer year runs from September to June with three seasons per year, Fall, Winter (certain age groups), and Spring.

All-star teams are also formed in the Fall and Spring from the players (certain age groups) in the Recreational Program and compete in local tournaments.

Recreational District Location Information

NVSC has four locations for the recreational program for the convenience of all Prince William County players and surrounding areas:

-Ben Lomond Park (7500 Ben Lomond Park Drive, Manssas, VA, 20109) (next to Splashdown Waterpark) in Manassas.

-Hellwig Park (14420 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112) which is off of Route 234 and Bristow Road between Woodbridge and Manassas.  

-Signal Hill Park (9300 Signal View Drive, Manassas, VA 20111) off of Signal View Drive (Signal Hill Park district will only be for U04 through U12 age groups).

-Valley View Park (11930 Valley View Drive, Nokesville, VA 20181)  closer to Route 28 off of Bristow Road and Valley View Drive (Valley View location will only be for U04 through U16 age groups). 

Uniform Information

When to order an uniform?

U04-U06:  You DO NOT order a uniform.  You will get a new uniform every season.


1.  Order the uniform when you register your player.


2.  If your player has outgrown his/her uniform you may order a new one.  The stock of the old style will be distributed first.  You will order this also while you register your player.


1.  Order the uniform when you register your player.


2.  If you are returning to your team from last season, you do not need to purchase a new uniform (Unless you are playing U13, all U13 players need to order a uniform since they are numbered)

3.  If you are returning from an earlier season (i.e. you did not play last season) you MUST purchase a new uniform IF there is a duplicate number.

4.  If you are requesting to be on a different team from last season, you MUST purchase a new uniform IF there is a duplicate number.

***If you forget to order a uniform when you register, you are still able to order on the NVSC website, please contact Kristen Neall at recuniforms@novasc.org first, then you will need to log back into your account and pay the household debt that is created.  But this can only be done after you contact and hear back from Kristen***

If you have any questions about uniforms please use the contact info below:

-For U04 to U12 players please contact Kristen Neall: recuniforms@novasc.org
-For U13 to U19 players please contact David Crisp: sfl@novasc.org

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