Recreational Guest Players

Your coach has asked to have a player from recerational soccer to guest play with your team for a tournament.

Concerning SFL rec players: they are not allowed to practice with travel teams and they are not allowed to play in regular league travel games.  If they do, they are no longer allowed to play in SFL.

They are allowed to guest play for tournaments as long as the tournament is before or after the start of the SFL season or during holiday weekends when SFL doesn't play.

This is an SFL rule, not NVSC and not CCL.  

NCSL prohibits the use of recreational guest players entirely for regular league games.

For regular league games for both NCSL and CCL any guest players must be NVSC players.

 How do you go about it?

1. Get the players full name and birthdate

2. Ask if the player is playing recreational with NVSC, another club or maybe the player isnt playing this season.

3. Player plays for another club, please ask that player to get a recreational player pass from their home club.

4. Player plays for us?  That is much easier, email their full name and birth date to TWO weeks before the tournament date.  Once the player pass is done our admin will email you back and you can pick up the pass from the clubhouse.

5. Player isnt playing this season?  That is ok but a bit more work...again email their full name and birth date to and state that they are not playing recreational this season....our admin will email you back with more instructions.  But it will involve a $25.00 administrative fee and also proof of birth date shown at the clubhouse.

6. Once you have the pass you will make copies of your original roster and put the guest player information on the roster COPIES, NEVER the originial...only the copies.  

Of course you have to stay within the roster limits of the tourney and also the number of guest players that  tourney will allow.  This information will be in the rules of the tournament.

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