NVSC Players Guesting for other Clubs

1.  If a Club requests one of our players to guest play with them, the TDOC and/or team coach must reach out to Hans, Marie, and the player's coach to make the request.  Please tell the parent to request this immediately so we can get through out process in a timely manner.



2.  TDOC or Coach of the requesting team will confirm with Hans/Marie which governing body the team is registered with so we know if they will be able to use our USYS pass.  They will also provide dates for the request.

3.  NVSC players will generally be provided permission to guest play with other clubs unless the game(s) are in conflict with an NVSC game or tournament.  Permission is at the discretion of the TDOC and coach.

4.  If the requesting team is registered with USYS, the team manager will provide the player pass  to the player once approved to guest play.  The pass must  be returned to the manager at the first following NVSC practice or game.  If the pass is not returned by the next game, the player may not be permitted to play.

5.  If players are in bad standing with the club, they will not be permitted to guest play nor will they be given the player pass.

6.  Managers are not permitted to give player passes to players without direct permission granted by the TDOC, ADOC, and coach.

7.  Duplicate player passes must not be provided to players to keep.

A couple of other notes:

**sanctioned tournaments do not allow mixed rosters/player passes.  This means if the requesting team is registered with US Club, our passes cannot be used because our club is registered with USYS.  

**please be wary of last minute requests for player passes and please follow the process.  As you know, most tournaments require check in several days to a week or more before the tournament and may not allow last minute additions and we don't want our players put in a position of being use without approval.

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