NVSC Travel Program
The Travel Program of the Northern Virginia Soccer Club provides the opportunity for players to play the game of soccer at a more competitive level.  Players are selected to these teams by the coaches.  For more information about the program, please contact the Travel Director.

Additonal Travel Program information can also be found by clicking on this link.

NVSC Team Accomplishments

Please send in your teams accomplishments that you are proud of...did your team finish 1st in a recent tourney, did they finish finalist, did you win a league sportsmanship award?  If you have something that you would like us to post on our NVSC Boasts page please email your team name, photo and a small write up of the accomplishment to clubaccomplishments@novasc.org and we will post it on our webpage.

Some will be selected for the homepage as well.

Please allow 48 hours for the posting to appear. 

Travel League Information

Northern Virginia Soccer Club is associated with several travel leagues to include:

  • Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS)
  • National Capital Soccer League (NCSL)
  • Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL)

Important dates and calendars for these respective leagues can be found at: WAGS, NCSL, ODSL

NVSC current season teams in these leagues can be found at:

NVSC Travel Program Council
Travel Soccer Council
Director of Travel Sonny Barrickman vptravel@novasc.org
NCSL Club Rep Corky Webster (temp fill in) ncslrep@novasc.org
ODSL Club Rep Keta Kowalewski odslrep@novasc.org
WAGS Club Rep Scott Ackerman wagsrep@novasc.org
NVSC Travel Registrar Tracey DiNforio travelregistrar@novasc.org
NVSC Trading Patches

To order NVSC Trading Patches click here

Coaches, managers, players and parents,
Recently, there was an unfortunate incident in Prince William County where an unsecured goal fell over and injured a youth soccer player. I ask you to join NVSC in working together to make this coming season a safe and accident-free season for our players. It is the responsibility of all of us to make that the goals are secured to the ground to prevent them from falling over. This goes for Practice and Games -- under no circumstances should a goal be used if it is not secured. Our coaches and referees have been instructed not to start a game without checking the goals, whether its a home or an away game. Safety extends beyond our home fields and should be a priority no matter where games are played.     All it takes is for a kid to hang on them, for a gust of wind to come up, and while it is an accident, it can be avoided. NVSC has all of the necessary equipment to secure the goals, so there is no reason they should not be secured for play. We need the help of each member of NVSC to make sure that accidents do not happen. Again, this is for both Practice and Games.
For additional information, there are some excellent web sites and below is an excerpt of MYTH vs FACT from the Kwik Goal web site, please click on the Continue.
Again, we ask that all Coaches, Managers, Players, and Parents to support the NVSC goal to make the playing environment safe for our youth.
Bill Gregory
President, NVSC