VYSA Game Day Roster

How to retreive the VYSA Game Day Roster:

Go to the VYSA travel database and log in and select your team if you have to (only for those managers with State Cup teams or managing multiple teams).

Once there you will click on Print Game Day Roster, it will take you to a listing of your players on your VYSA roster, you can select the players playing, most of the time it will be all but for those teams over 18 players that are older this is how you select your 18 (remember that us managers don’t select the players for games, only the coaches so make sure they are communicating with you).  After selecting the players you will click on Print Selected Lineup and you will get a screen like this:

Awesome again I know, bow bow.  Now a pop up will also come up telling you how to print it, you want to print it Landscape, that is most important.

So for the games that are using VYSA passes you want to print this out U11 - U18 teams.  You will need to fill out the rest and one copy is for the ref, one for the visiting team and one for the home team.

You will still always want to have your VYSA official signed roster with you all the time.

Guest players if any will need to be figured out before Wednesday of the week of the game, give the guest player information to Hans Etienne who will have to get with the TDOC of our Opponent of that week so they know of the guest players.

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