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NVSC Field Locations (Addresses and Distances)

Turf Field Section Diagram (Development League)

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NVSC Soccer Fields

NVSC schedules games at 4 parks primarily:

Ben Lomond Park  - 7500 Ben Lomond Park Road, Manassas, VA 20109

George Hellwig Memorial Park - 14422 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112 

Signal Hill Park - 9300 Signal View Drive, Manassas Park, VA 20111

Valley View Park - 11930 Valley View Drive, Nokesville, VA 20181

Distances Between Parks:

Ben Lomond to Signal Hill - 6 mi

Ben Lomond to Hellwig - 16 mi

Valley View to Ben Lomond - 10.5 mi

Valley View to Signal Hill - 10 mi

Valley View to Hellwig - 10 mi

Hellwig to Signal Hill - 10 mi


Grass field layouts can change from season to season as the Park Authority determines how best to retain the quality of the turf.  The link to the field layouts (on the right) is current for this season.  Synthetic turf field layouts will not change - though the club is planning to add more.


Map view of field proximity:


Hellwig Turf Field Section Diagram

Fields 7 and 8
This is the field layout for the Development League and U7/8 when these games are played on the turf fields. Fields A,B,C,D,E & F will be used.  The teams will sit between the fields (i.e. A & B) and the spectators will be on the perimeter. No chairs or benches are allowed on the turf.


These diagrams are as you are looking down on the fields from the parking lot area above.


NVSC Field Closure Policy

On Saturday and Sunday morning, the Prince William County Park Authority makes the decision on field status at various parks around 7:00am.   The NVSC web site will be updated to reflect whether the grass fields are open or closed. 
Note: If the fields are closed at 7:00am and the Park Authority revaluates and opens the fields at 12:00pm on Saturday or Sunday we will stay with the announcement they made at 7:00am, fields will be closed.
If the fields are open at 7:00am we will play the games but will listen to the updated announcement at 12:00pm.  If the Park Authority closes the fields at 12:00pm then we will stop any games in progress and cancel the remaining games for the afternoon.
On the NVSC main page you will see the Field Status section.  It will indicate if All Fields are open (Green), Partial Field Closures (Yellow) or All Grass Fields CLosed (Red).  Click on the link on this page or the main page to see a list of the fields that are closed. Typically all synthetic turf fields are open even if it is raining.  

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