How to Submit a Game Report

If you accept a game as the center referee, you must fill out the on-line game report within Arbiter as well as the League’s online reporting system.  To ensure timely reporting, these should be submitted no later than 24 hours following the conclusion of the game.  The reports are needed to provide feedback to the Club Executive Board.


If you Caution or Send Off players, coaches or spectators, had player injuries or any other issue with the game include the details within the comments area of the game report in Arbiter.


How to submit a game report in Arbiter:

  1. Click on the “SCHEDULE” menu
  2. If you do not see the game officiated, ensure you have checked the "Show All" checkbox on the left under the DISPLAY area.  This allows past assignments to appear.
  3. To the right of the game number is a red "R" (for report) - Click on the "R" and a report form will appear. Look at the game details (time, field, teams) to ensure you are reporting on the correct game.
  4. Game Status – Leave this on the default selection “Normal”.
  5. Enter game scores
  6. If more than one official for a game, select whether the official was on time, late or no show.
  7. Comment area - If there are no issues you do not need to enter any comments.  If there were game issues, then enter information about the game (weather issues, team did not show or not enough players, cards shown). Submit as much detail as necessary to describe the issue.
  8. Click the “Save Button”
  9. If there were no issues, then the R should now be green to indicate (No Issues) or if you entered comments about the game the “R” will be yellow to indicate (Game Issues). Both green and yellow let you know that the report has been submitted.  If the "R" is still red, the report was not saved.


For Recreational games: All teams are listed by district, age group and team number (example: BL_10B01 – is Ben Lomond U10 Boys Team #1). Do not trust the jersey color, verify the team number with the coaches so you can submit a correct report.


For SFL, ODSL, VAPL, etc: Rosters should be provided to you by the coaches.  If you did not receive one, ask the coach.  Follow league procedures if a roster is not available.


When in doubt, please ask.  Send me an email and we can work through it.

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