Help with Arbiter Login

If you can't sign in, it is most likely due to Invalid Credentials.....or in plain English, the email address and password you entered don't match what Arbiter has on file for you.  You'll want to be sure to check both.

  1. EMAIL ADDRESS:  Make sure that you are using the email that is associated with your ArbtierSports account. If it has been some time since you logged into Arbitersports and you have changed your email address recently, you may need to use your old email address to log in. Once you get in you will be able to update your email address.

  2. PASSWORD:  If you don't remember your password, just below the sign in area there is a forgot password link.  Click on that link and follow the instructions on the following page and Arbiter will send you your password.  
    Check your password. Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure the CAPS LOCK key is turned off and that you are entering your password exactly as you originally set it up. So if your password was entered as "johnson" you cannot use "JOHNSON" or "Johnson" to log in.  
  3. CONTACT YOUR ASSIGNER:  If you are still not able to sign in, contact your assignor ( ).  The account admin can verify the email address on file (there has been more than one instance of a mistyped email) so that you can recover your password.

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