Cross District Play Information

If your district/age group/gender plays across different districts please note to carefully look at the schedule.

For Signal Hill teams your team name on the schedule will be listed as:


Meaning the SH stands for Signal Hill and the # is the team number, you must get this information from your coach to know your schedule.

The field label will also have a BL for Ben Lomond or a H for Hellwig or a SH for Signal Hill or a VV for Valley View and then the number designation of the field at that location.

Please take your time when looking at the schedule to make sure you are 1) looking at the right team, 2) looking at the right field designation and 3) the correct time and date.

On Oct 14th, the U8 Girl teams may have a doubleheader, this is to make sure all teams get 8x games for the season.

Signal Hill Fall 2018 Rec Game Schedules

Signal Hill District

U4/5C Coed Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U6 Coed Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U8 Boys Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U8 Girls Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U10 Boys Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U10 Girls Age Group - Updated 11/04/18

U12 Boys Age Group - Updated 10/27/18

U12 Girls Age Group - Updated 10/27/18



U7 to U10 if your team is listed as Home please wear your Blue jersey, if you are listed as Away please wear your white jersey.

Also you will need a PDF reader to look at the schedules.

You can download Adobe PDF Reader here:

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