FAQ's for Recreational Uniforms


Frequently Asked Questions


These FAQs are for U4-U12 uniforms.  Contact recuniforms@novasc.org with questions


  • If your player is U13-U19 (SFL) contact the SFL uniform coordinator at sfl@novasc.org


Question:  What is the packing deadline for Fall 2019?

Answer:  8/24/19


Question:  What does my uniform look like?

Answer:  If your player is U4-U6 you will get a new uniform each season in a different color.  It comes with one jersey, one short, and one pair of socks. If your player is a U7-U12 player, you get a blue jersey, white jersey, blue shorts and blue socks (no numbers).  If your player is U13-U19 you also get the blue and white kit but the jerseys have numbers.


Question:   How do I get my uniform if I registered and paid by the packing deadline?

Answer:  Our Age Group Commissioners (AGCs) pick up the uniforms, distribute to coaches who give them to players.


Question.  If I am a late registrant (after 8/24/19), how do I get my uniform?

Answer.  Come by the NVSC office during business hours to pick, bring your registration receipt with you.  Click Here to get Office Hours


Question.  I forgot to order a uniform, how do I get one?

Answer:  If your player is U4-U6, you do nothing, your coach will have your uniform and you did not need to order.  If your player is U7-U12 and it is before the packing deadline, contact the uniform coordinator at recuniforms@novasc.org.  If you missed the packing deadline, you can purchase a uniform at the office during business hours.  Click Here to get Office Hours


Question.  I need to pick up or purchase a uniform but can’t get to the office during business hours.  What do I do?

Answer:  Contact the uniform coordinator at recuniforsm@novasc.org   and ask for alternate pick up.  We can set it up for you to pay online and then you can pick up from the drop box outside the office.


Question:  I believe I ordered a uniform but my coach doesn’t have it.  What do I do?

Answer:  This could be for several reasons, 1.  You didn’t actually order, 2. You ordered after the packing deadline, 3.  Your player was moved from one team to the other after the packing deadline.  Contact the uniform coordinator at recuniforms@novasc.org for help.


Question.  I can’t get my uniform in time before the first game. What do I do?

Answer:  wear a like colored jersey for the first game and then pick up your uniform the next week.


Question:  How do I exchange a uniform or buy additional pieces?

Answer:  Go to the office during regular business hours and bring the pieces you need to exchange/return with you.  They must be unworn and unwashed. We have limited stock of single shirts and shorts however.


Question:  Why are the U4-U12 uniforms without numbers?

Answer:  Numbers are not required at these ages and in order to keep costs low and reduce administrative work we opt to keep the uniforms number free.  Numbers are required at U13 and above.


Question:  Can we put our names on our uniforms?

Answer: No.  For safety reasons, we do not put kids names on uniforms.

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