Northern Virginia Soccer Club
14422 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112

If you have a question or you are willing to volunteer your time, please call 
703-794-7672 and leave a message or email us at info@novasc.org.  We will call or email you back.

NVSC Clubhouse

The clubhouse is at the corner of Bristow Road and the entrance of Hellwig Park, 14422 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112.  Clubhouse hours are as follows:

Clubhouse hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 3pm - 7pm.

Clubhouse is NOT open on the weekends, only the days and hours above.

There is a OPEN sign that we use when our clubhouse is open for business, if you don’t see if the OPEN sign lit we are not open even if there are cars in the driveway.  There are meetings by teams and other people in the club during non-business hours.

Northern Virginia Soccer Club (NVSC) is a non-profit, volunteer soccer league located in Prince William County, Virginia.  The association has an instructional in-house program and a travel (select) program.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where kids can have fun, learn sportsmanship, and develop their skills in addition to developing soccer skills.   NVSC has adopted a Code of Conduct for players, coaches, parents, and spectators.  Registration in our program requires adherence to our policies and procedures.